We’ve been helping Edwards Auto Group reach and exceed their goals for over 18 years, and we’re looking forward to serving their needs for many more. After a decade of resounding success, two events – the growth of the internet and the Great Recession of 2008-09 – created a sea change in the automotive industry that required a top-to-bottom overhaul of the group’s marketing strategy.


Edwards Auto Group


Mapping the Path to Success

More so than many dealers, advertising, is the lifeblood of Edwards Auto Group. Their location, tucked out of sight in an industrial park away from the bulk of the population in the Omaha Metropolitan Area has always required them to be aggressive advertisers.

60 second Image TV spot we launched in early 2016 for the Edwards Auto Group with a custom animated 3D map.

Through discovery meetings and one-on-one sessions with Edwards, we listened to find the pain-points in their current efforts. Together, we created a general marketing plan to set goals and identified the most important items to address right away. Then we built an organized list of tasks we’d work on over time.

Refining the Brand Experience

Sending a clear message is important for your dealership's potential customers to able to associate your message with your brand.
"Right Idea took our seven individual dealerships with competing messages and rebranded us into one cohesive Auto Group. This brand fusion has increased our leads by 11% year over year. Their online creative and traditional media, matched with their tracking metrics, keeps us on the cutting edge of today's market. They've maximized our marketing dollars and our sales are stronger than ever!"

-Troy Ratigan | Vice President Edwards Auto Group

Edwards recognized their branding had become distorted because their dealerships were following slightly different advertising techniques and using slightly different assets. We helped them to clarify who they were and how they should present their brand to their current and potential customers. This helped align them across their dealerships as one unified buying experience. These actions have resulted in an increase of recognition of brand across their entire customer base.

Edwards has experienced a 30% increase in organic web visits year-over-year since the new brand identity launched in 2013!

Pursuing & Engaging the Right Audience

Like all automotive dealerships, Edwards needs to continually find ways to be more efficient with their ad budget. We help them identify their most successful strategies, those which are not performing very well, and an assortment of the best new techniques to try. Traditional and modern digital advertising work together to reach their audience and invite leads to continue their buying journey with Edwards.

Its crucial we have an exact understanding of the who the target demographic and we have access to the data that matters most.

Take a peek at this sample report we utilize to help reach the right audience for Edwards Auto Group.

We’ve helped Edwards Auto Group increase their SEM conversions rate by 59% in across their entire organization from 2014 to 2016.

Rinse & Repeat

Successfully tracking ROI helps Edwards make better decisions about how to reach their customers. We track performance and conversions to create the data needed to make small changes to increase campaign performance continuously over time. But we don’t stop there; we secret shop, we examine the sales funnel, we rigorously test all stages of the plan and make sure they’re working in the real world.
We’re intimately involved in the day-to-day operations in a way that is very atypical of the automotive marketing industry. Edwards Auto Group has complex needs and works in a fast-paced, competitive industry. It is always a pleasure to find innovative solutions that give them a competitive edge.We’re able to make a real difference in the monthly sales and performance and see the results of our efforts on their bottom line.

Eric Ruesch | Right Idea Team

We enjoy helping Edwards, and dozens of other auto sales teams across the country find success using our proven strategies. Creating compelling advertising is a continues challenge and the deadlines are relentless, but we thrive working with clients in this fast-paced industry.

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