Before working with us, Huerter Orthodontics had engaged in some minor online marketing tactics and listings but did not have a solid strategy behind their investment. They wanted help to boost their online visibility and expand their total local reach.


“Since partnering with Right Idea, we’ve increased our active customer base by 25% and gross production by 15% in 2017 over 2016 ”
– Huerter Orthodontics Management Team –

Finding the Right Blend

We started by cleaning up Huerter Orthodontics online business listings and identifying the methods and channels that would have the strongest impact.
"Right Idea is always up to speed on the latest ways to market your business. The entire staff is great to work with. They all have different specialties and areas while blending and communicating well as a team."

– Rhonda | Office Manager -

We work with their team to create and manage Radio Advertising, Video Advertising, Website Management, Email Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Campaigns, and Reputation Management.

In just the first three months of the campaign we corrected and created 158 online maps and local business listings which helped to invite customers to leave over 250 new reviews.

Helping to Balance the Sales Cycle

One of the biggest challenges Huerter Orthodontics faced was seasonality of their sales. We worked to discover the underlying reasons why and methods we could use to help create more interest during the slower periods. Once we understood the cycle, we put the plan into action and started delivering measurable results.
By the end of Q1 2017, Huerter Orthodontics had served over 90,000 impressions online, resulting in more than 550 clicks to their website. In April, our campaigns hit 44 new phone calls and 35 new form submissions.

More Actionable Reporting

Huerter Orthodontics’ lacked clear reporting on campaign effectiveness in their past advertising efforts.
“We probably hear from at least one staff member daily from Right Idea. That tells me they are constantly working on ‘us’ and updating things that we have in place to help make Huerter Orthodontics a household name.”

– Rhonda | Office Manager –

We’ve met this challenge by providing regular, in-depth campaign reports and analysis to help them better understand the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. We identify what’s working and items that may not be performing as expected and make the proper adjustments.

Pursuit of Perfection

We’ve only just begun our journey with Huerter Orthodontics, and while we have already been able to deliver results, we look forward to thoroughly dissecting their current campaigns and finding new opportunities for success.
Huerter Orthodontics Impression Free

“Huerter Orthodontics is a great company and a great client. Their campaign allows us to produce fun, engaging content and they’ve selected an excellent set of services to get their brand recognized, and I enjoy helping them reach their goals.”

– Robert Weber | Right Idea –

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