CHI Health requires a partner who can help guide them on the path to digital marketing success and we have the right set of services to help them achieve their goals. We’ve assisted them with items such as: Email Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Campaign Management, Web Video & Streaming Advertising, Display Advertising, and Native Advertising.

Preparation for a Long Beautiful Partnership

Before we partnered, we dug in deep to make sure we were the right team to serve CHI Health’s needs. We’re not the right fit for every client, and we’ve found that finding the right match is crucial to both our and the client’s overall success.

Targeting the Right Human Elements

In the healthcare industry, it can be a challenge to find the right audience. It’s essential that we make sure we’re finding new ways to locate the people who matter most to CHI Health. It starts by understanding the way people interact with their brand across the board; patients & potential patients, healthcare professionals, support personnel, and the community as a whole.

"I think Right Idea's level of service reflects the importance they put in their clients. They have approached each project with us as if we're their only client and do not gloss over the details. Their extensive research has proven to save our organization time and money and we've maximized our spend and conversions. "

Matt | Director of Digital Marketing

An Array of Quality Campaigns

Enterprise level organizations like CHI Health need to balance many different campaigns and even several categories of campaigns to reach their many intended audiences.

After segmenting the audience, we actively manage multi-channel campaigns for verticals such as Virtual Care, Primary Care, Women’s Care, Heart Health, Recruitment, Electrophysiology, Behavioral Health, Emergency Department, Quick Care, Oncology, Event Marketing, and other requirements as we discover them.

We’ve generated over 413,034 clicks to landing pages on over 77million campaign impressions.

Discovering Talent

It’s not always about building relationships with patients. Sometimes our clients need help recruiting the right talent to join their organization, and CHI Health has found many new doctors, nurses and support staff as a part of our efforts. We accomplish this by listening about who CHI Health is searching for and find ways to get their message to the most qualified applicants.

Two Way Communications

Communication is an essential aspect of a digital marketing campaign. We’ve taken the time to outline goals clearly for CHI Health, but more importantly, we make it easy to share information back and forth and adapt to the data and changing requirements.

Get Results!

Need someone who can deliver results for your healthcare marketing campaign? We can help, get in touch today.

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